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What is the LIFT Foundation?

LIFT is a community resource for building, preserving, operating, and maintaining homes for people with low incomes in west Michigan. As a nonprofit housing provider operating since 1966, LIFT obtains federal funding for local housing needs, and provides efficient and professional management of properties. At present, LIFT oversees management of quality affordable housing for persons with a disability, the elderly, and people with low incomes. The goal of LIFT is to create greater stability for individuals and families who want to improve their quality of life.

LIFT serves as a framework for:

  • accessing funding for low-income housing to meet community needs; 
  • efficient management of properties and resources;
  • steady governance that connects with the community as a whole; and
  • greater stability for individuals and families who desire to improve their quality of life.  

Given this mission, LIFT is governed by a Board of Directors that includes local business owners, the administrators of nonprofit organizations and public agencies, and philanthropic organizations. Management of LIFT properties is by Lockhart Management & Consulting, LLC.

For more information about the LIFT Foundation, contact:

Lisa Willcutt, Vice President
Lockhart Management & Consulting, LLC
2725 Airview Boulevard, Suite 202
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49002


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